How the CURDATE() function works in Mariadb?

The CURDATE() function is a date and time function that returns the current date as a value in YYYY-MM-DD format.

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The MariaDB CURDATE() function is used to retrieve the current date in YYYY-MM-DD format, which is particularly useful for recording timestamps in data entries and comparing dates within database queries.


The syntax for the MariaDB CURDATE() function is as follows:


This function does not take any arguments and returns the current date as a value in YYYY-MM-DD format.


Retrieve the Current Date

To simply get the current date, you would use the CURDATE() function like this:


The output will be the current date:

| CURDATE()  |
| 2024-02-14 |

Compare Dates

If you want to compare the current date with a specific date to find out if it is the same, you can do so using the CURDATE() function:

SELECT CURDATE() = '2024-02-14' AS Is_Today;

The output will indicate whether the current date is the specified date:

| Is_Today |
|        1 |

Calculate Age

To calculate the age from a birthdate, you can use the CURDATE() function in a date subtraction:

SELECT YEAR(CURDATE()) - YEAR('1990-05-25') AS Age;

This will return the age:

| Age  |
|   34 |

Check for a Specific Month

You can check if the current month is, for example, March:


The output will show whether it’s March or not:

| Is_March |
|        1 |

Using CURDATE() with WHERE Clause

If you need to filter records based on the current date, you can use CURDATE() in the WHERE clause:

    order_id INT,
    order_date DATE
INSERT INTO orders VALUES (1, '2024-02-14'), (2, '2024-03-16');

SELECT * FROM orders WHERE order_date = CURDATE();

The output will display rows with today’s date:

| order_id | order_date |
|        1 | 2024-02-14 |

Here are a few functions related to the MariaDB CURDATE() function:

  • MariaDB NOW() function is used to retrieve the current date and time.
  • MariaDB DATE() function is used to extract the date part from a datetime expression.
  • MariaDB DAYOFMONTH() function returns the day of the month from a date.
  • MariaDB MONTH() function extracts the month from the date.
  • MariaDB YEAR() function returns the year from a date.


Understanding the CURDATE() function in MariaDB is essential for working with date values within your databases. It allows for easy retrieval and comparison of dates, which can be used in a variety of applications such as reporting, data analysis, and more. By combining CURDATE() with other date and time functions, you can perform complex queries and data manipulations with ease.