Oracle Reference

This page arranges the materials related to learning and using MariaDB.

  1. Oracle Character Functions

    This page organizes commonly used Oracle string/character functions, allowing you to efficiently manipulate strings/characters.
  2. Oracle Character Set Functions

    Character set functions return information about character sets. This page summarizes the character set functions in Oracle.
  3. Oracle Collation Functions

    The collation functions return information about collation settings. This page summarizes collation functions in Oracle.
  4. Oracle Conversion Functions

    Conversion functions convert a value of one data type to another data type. This page summarizes conversion functions available in Oracle.
  5. Oracle Data Types.

    Oracle supports various data types, and this page provides a compilation of commonly used data types in Oracle.
  6. Oracle Datetime Functions

    This page summarizes common date and time functions in Oracle.
  7. Oracle Encoding And Decoding Functions

  8. Oracle Environment and Identifier Functions

    Environment and identifier functions provide information about the instance and session. This page summarizes the Oracle environment and identifier functions.
  9. Oracle General Comparison Functions

    General comparison functions determine the maximum and/or minimum values in a set of values. This page summarizes the general comparison functions available in Oracle.
  10. Oracle JSON Functions

    JSON functions allow you to query and generate JSON data. This page summarizes the JSON functions available in Oracle.
  11. Oracle null-related Functions

    NULL-related functions help to deal with NULL values. This page organizes the commonly used NULL-related functions in Oracle.
  12. Oracle Numeric Functions

    Numeric functions accept numeric input and return a numeric value. This page organizes commonly used Oracle numeric functions to help you with mathematical operations.