How the CURRENT_TIME() function works in Mariadb?

The CURRENT_TIME() function is a date and time function that returns the current time as a value in HH:MM:SS format.

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The MariaDB CURRENT_TIME() function is used to obtain the current time in HH:MM:SS format, which is essential for recording time-specific data and performing time-based calculations within database operations.


The syntax for the MariaDB CURRENT_TIME() function is as follows:


This function does not require any parameters and returns the current time as a string in HH:MM:SS format.


Retrieve the Current Time

To get the current time, you can use the CURRENT_TIME() function in the following way:


The output will display the current time:

| 09:23:29       |

Time Comparison

If you need to compare the current time with a specific time to check if they are the same, you can use the CURRENT_TIME() function:

SELECT CURRENT_TIME() = '10:29:15' AS Is_Current_Time;

The output will show whether the current time matches the specified time:

| Is_Current_Time |
|               0 |

Extract Hour from Current Time

To extract the hour part from the current time, use the CURRENT_TIME() function like this:


This will return the hour part of the current time:

| Current_Hour |
|            9 |

Check if It’s Past Noon

You can check if the current time is past noon using the CURRENT_TIME() function:

SELECT CURRENT_TIME() > '12:00:00' AS Is_Afternoon;

The output will indicate whether it’s past noon:

| Is_Afternoon |
|            0 |

Use CURRENT_TIME() in Conditional Statements

The CURRENT_TIME() function can be used in conditional statements within your queries:

  WHEN CURRENT_TIME() < '12:00:00' THEN 'Good morning'
  WHEN CURRENT_TIME() < '18:00:00' THEN 'Good afternoon'
  ELSE 'Good evening'
END AS Greeting;

The output will provide an appropriate greeting based on the current time:

| Greeting     |
| Good morning |

Here are a few functions related to the MariaDB CURRENT_TIME() function:

  • MariaDB CURTIME() function is used as a synonym for CURRENT_TIME().
  • MariaDB NOW() function returns the current date and time.
  • MariaDB SYSDATE() function returns the current date and time, but unlike NOW(), it returns the exact time the function is executed.


The CURRENT_TIME() function in MariaDB is a straightforward and powerful tool for managing time-related data within your databases. It provides precision and convenience for time-based queries and is an essential function for any database administrator or developer working with time-sensitive information. Understanding how to use CURRENT_TIME() effectively can greatly enhance the functionality of your database applications.