How the DAYNAME() function works in Mariadb?

The DAYNAME() function is a convenient function in Mariadb that returns the name of the weekday for a given date or datetime value.

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The MariaDB DAYNAME() function is used to retrieve the name of the weekday for a given date. This function is particularly useful for generating reports, scheduling applications, or any situation where the day of the week needs to be displayed or used in a query.


The syntax for the MariaDB DAYNAME() function is as follows:

  • date is the date value from which you want to extract the weekday name.


Example 1: Getting the Day Name of a Specific Date

To find out the name of the weekday for a specific date:

SELECT DAYNAME('2024-03-17') AS weekday_name;

The output will be:

| weekday_name |
| Sunday       |

Example 2: Day Name of the Current Date

To get the name of the weekday for the current date:


The output will show the weekday name of today:

| today_weekday |
| Sunday        |

Example 3: Filtering Records by Weekday Name

To filter records based on the weekday name:

    id INT,
    event_date DATE,
    event_name VARCHAR(255)
INSERT INTO events VALUES (1, '2024-03-17', 'Concert'), (2, '2024-03-18', 'Conference');

SELECT * FROM events WHERE DAYNAME(event_date) = 'Sunday';

The output will display events that occur on a Sunday:

| id   | event_date | event_name |
|    1 | 2024-03-17 | Concert    |

Example 4: Grouping Records by Weekday Name

To group records by the name of the weekday:

SELECT DAYNAME(event_date) AS weekday, COUNT(*) AS total_events
FROM events
GROUP BY weekday;

The output will show the count of events grouped by the weekday name:

| weekday | total_events |
| Monday  |            1 |
| Sunday  |            1 |

Example 5: Using DAYNAME() in ORDER BY

To order records by the name of the weekday:

SELECT * FROM events ORDER BY DAYNAME(event_date);

The output will order the events by the weekday name:

| id   | event_date | event_name |
|    2 | 2024-03-18 | Conference |
|    1 | 2024-03-17 | Concert    |

Here are a few functions related to the MariaDB DAYNAME() function:

  • MariaDB DAYOFWEEK() function returns the index of the weekday (1 = Sunday, 2 = Monday, …, 7 = Saturday).
  • MariaDB WEEKDAY() function returns the index of the weekday (0 = Monday, 1 = Tuesday, …, 6 = Sunday).
  • MariaDB DAYOFMONTH() function returns the day of the month from a given date.


The DAYNAME() function in MariaDB is a convenient way to work with the weekdays in dates. It allows for easy extraction of the weekday name, which can be used for display purposes or within logic in SQL queries. Whether you’re scheduling events, generating reports, or creating user-friendly interfaces, understanding how to use the DAYNAME() function can greatly enhance your database’s capabilities.