How the GeomCollFromWKB() function works in Mariadb?

The GeomCollFromWKB() function is a spatial function that creates a geometry collection from a well-known binary (WKB) representation.

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The MariaDB GeomCollFromWKB() function is used to construct a geometry collection object from its Well-Known Binary (WKB) representation. It is particularly useful for working with spatial data stored in a binary format, allowing you to convert binary representations into geometry objects that can be manipulated and analyzed within the database.


The syntax for the MariaDB GeomCollFromWKB() function is as follows:

GeomCollFromWKB(wkb[, srid])
  • wkb: A required parameter that represents the Well-Known Binary (WKB) value to be converted into a geometry collection object.
  • srid: An optional parameter that specifies the Spatial Reference System Identifier (SRID) for the geometry collection. If not provided, the default SRID of 0 is used.

The function returns a geometry collection object constructed from the provided WKB representation. If the input WKB value is invalid or NULL, the function returns NULL.


This example demonstrates how to use the GeomCollFromWKB() function to convert a simple WKB value into a geometry collection.

SELECT AsText(GeomCollFromWKB(0x000000000107000000000000000101000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000)) AS geomcoll;

The output of this statement is:

Point(0 0)

The input WKB value represents a single point at (0, 0), and the GeomCollFromWKB() function correctly constructs a geometry collection containing that point.

The following are some functions related to the MariaDB GeomCollFromWKB() function:

  • MariaDB GeomFromWKB() function is used to construct a single geometry object from its WKB representation.
  • MariaDB AsWKB() function is used to convert a geometry object into its WKB representation.
  • MariaDB ST_AsWKB() function is a spatial function that also converts a geometry object into its WKB representation.


The MariaDB GeomCollFromWKB() function is a powerful tool for working with spatial data stored in the Well-Known Binary (WKB) format. It allows you to construct geometry collection objects from their binary representations, enabling efficient storage and retrieval of complex spatial data. By understanding its syntax, usage, and related functions, developers can effectively integrate spatial data handling capabilities into their MariaDB applications. The function’s ability to handle various geometry types and spatial reference systems makes it a versatile utility for spatial data management and analysis.