MySQL CHAR() Function

In MySQL, the CHAR() function converts each integer parameter to an character, and returns these characters as a string.

CHAR() Syntax

Here is the syntax of MySQL CHAR() function:

CHAR(num1, [num2, ...])


num1, [num2, ...]
Required. They can be any type and will be converted to integers.

Return value

The CHAR() function returns a string consisting of the characters given by each integer argument.

The NULL value in the num1, [num2, ...] parameters will be ignored.

CHAR() Examples

Here are some examples of MySQL CHAR() function.

    CHAR(65, 66, 67),
    CHAR(65, '66', '67'),
    CHAR(65.4, '66.5', '67.6'),
    CHAR(65, 66, NULL, 67)\G
          CHAR(65, 66, 67): ABC
      CHAR(65, '66', '67'): ABC
CHAR(65.4, '66.5', '67.6'): ABC
    CHAR(65, 66, NULL, 67): ABC

Here,for CHAR(65, 66, 67):

  1. The first parameter 65 is converted to A.
  2. The second parameter 66 is converted to B.
  3. The third parameter 67 is converted to C.
  4. Join A, B and C, and return ABC.