SQLite System Functions

This page organizes some of the system functions in SQLite.

  1. changes

    The SQLite changes() function returns the number of rows affected by the last INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement.
  2. last_insert_rowid

    The SQLite last_insert_rowid() function returns the ROWID of the last row inserted into the database from the connection currently calling this function.
  3. sqlite_compileoption_get

    The SQLite sqlite_compileoption_get() function returns compile-time options for the specified location used to build SQLite.
  4. sqlite_compileoption_used

    The SQLite sqlite_compileoption_used() function checks whether SQLite was built with the specified compile-time option.
  5. sqlite_source_id

    The SQLite sqlite_source_id() function a string representing the version of the source code used to build the current SQLite library.
  6. sqlite_version

    The SQLite sqlite_version() function returns the version of the current SQLite server.
  7. total_changes

    The SQLite total_changes() returns the total number of rows affected by the INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements since the current connection was established.
  8. typeof

    The SQLite typeof() function returns the data type of the parameter, it will return one of these strings null, integer, real, text, and blob.