MariaDB JSON Functions

The following table lists all available JSON functions in MariaDB.

JSON functions Describe
JSON_ARRAY() Create JSON array
JSON_ARRAYAGG() Returns a JSON array containing an element for each value in a given set of JSON or SQL values.
JSON_ARRAY_APPEND() Append data to JSON document
JSON_ARRAY_INSERT() Insert into JSON array
JSON_COMPACT() Removes all unnecessary whitespace from a JSON document, making it as short and compact as possible, and returns the result.
JSON_CONTAINS() Whether the JSON document contains a specific object at the path
JSON_CONTAINS_PATH() Whether the JSON document contains any data at the path
JSON_DEPTH() Maximum depth of JSON documents
JSON_DETAILED() Print JSON documents in human readable format
JSON_EXISTS() Determines whether a value exists at the specified path in the given JSON data.
JSON_EXTRACT() Return data from a JSON document
JSON_INSERT() Insert data into JSON document
JSON_KEYS() An array of keys from the JSON document
JSON_LENGTH() The number of elements in the JSON document
JSON_LOOSE() Adds whitespace to JSON documents to make them easier for humans to read.
JSON_MERGE() Merge JSON documents, preserving duplicate keys. deserted.
JSON_MERGE_PATCH() Merge JSON documents, replacing values ​​for duplicate keys
JSON_MERGE_PRESERVE() Merge JSON documents, preserving duplicate keys. Synonym for the deprecated JSON_MERGE().
JSON_OBJECT() Create JSON object
JSON_OBJECTAGG() Returns a JSON object containing key-value pairs based on its two arguments.
JSON_QUERY() Returns an object or array from a JSON document based on the provided path.
JSON_QUOTE() Quoting a JSON document
JSON_REMOVE() Remove data from JSON document
JSON_REPLACE() Replace values ​​in JSON documents
JSON_SEARCH() The path to the value in the JSON document
JSON_SET() Insert data into JSON document
JSON_TABLE() Return data from a JSON expression as a relational table
JSON_TYPE() Types of JSON values
JSON_UNQUOTE() Unquoted JSON value
JSON_VALID() Is the JSON value valid
JSON_VALUE() Extracts the value from the JSON document at the location pointed to by the provided path.