SQL Server DATE Data Type

In SQL Server database, the DATE data type represents a value of a date (year, month, day) and can store date values between January 1, 0001 and December 31, 9999.


The syntax for the DATE data type is as follows:



In SQL Server, the DATE data type is typically used to store and manipulate date data, such as storing order dates, birthdays, and so on. It provides better performance and readability when computing, sorting, and filtering date data.


Here are two examples of using the DATE data type:

Example 1: Inserting values with the DATE data type

`CREATE TABLE orders ( order_id INT PRIMARY KEY, order_date DATE );

INSERT INTO orders (order_id, order_date) VALUES (1, ‘2022-01-01’), (2, ‘2022-02-14’), (3, ‘2022-03-23’);`

In the example above, we created a table named orders with two columns, order_id and order_date, where the data type of order_date is DATE. We inserted three order data and specified the date values using the ISO 8601 format.

Example 2: Performing date calculations using the DATE data type

SELECT order_id, order_date, DATEADD(day, 7, order_date) AS new_order_date
FROM orders;

In the example above, we used the DATEADD function to add 7 days to the date value in the order_date column, and returned the result as a new column named new_order_date.


The DATE data type is a common data type used in SQL Server databases for storing dates. It provides functionality for storing and manipulating date data and can be used in conjunction with other data types such as DATETIME and SMALLDATETIME. It is recommended to use the DATE data type when working with date data to improve query performance and readability.