PostgreSQL array_to_json() Function

The PostgreSQL array_to_json() function converts an SQL array to a JSON array and returns the JSON array.

array_to_json() Syntax

The syntax of the PostgreSQL array_to_json() function comes in two forms:

array_to_json(any_array ARRAY) -> JSON


array_to_json(any_array ARRAY, pretty BOOLEAN) -> JSON



Required. SQL array to convert to JSON array.


Required. Whether to add newlines between top-level elements to prettify the output JSON value.

Return value

The PostgreSQL array_to_json() function returns a JSON array converted from a specified SQL array.

If the parameter pretty is true, the array_to_json() function will prettify the JSON by adding newlines between the top elements of the output JSON array.

array_to_json() Examples

This example shows how to use the PostgreSQL array_to_json() function to convert an SQL array to a JSON array.

SELECT array_to_json('{1, 2, 3, 4}'::int[]);

You can provide true for parameter pretty to prettify the JSON array as following:

SELECT array_to_json('{1, 2, 3, 4}'::int[], true);
 [1,          +
  2,          +
  3,          +

You can also convert a multidimensional SQL array to a JSON array. The following example uses the array_to_json() function to convert a two-dimensional SQL array to a JSON array.

SELECT array_to_json('{{1, 2}, {3, 4}}'::int[]);