PostgreSQL diagonal() Function

The PostgreSQL diagonal() function extracts the diagonal of the specified rectangle and returns it as a line segment.

diagonal() Syntax

This is the syntax of the PostgreSQL diagonal() function:

diagonal(box) -> lseg

This function is diagonal(box) equivalent to the lseg(box) function.



Required. a rectangle. E.g:box '(1,1),(-1,-1)'

Return value

The PostgreSQL diagonal() function returns a line segment, which is the diagonal of the specified rectangle.

diagonal() Examples

The following statement shows how to use the PostgreSQL diagonal() function to return box '(1,1),(-1,-1)'the diagonal of a rectangle.

SELECT diagonal(box '(1,1),(-1,-1)');

This statement is equivalent to the following statement using the lseg() function:

SELECT lseg(box '(1,1),(-1,-1)');