PostgreSQL box(point,point) Function

The PostgreSQL box(point,point) function converts any two points into a box and returns it.

A rectangle box is represented by a point in the upper right corner and a point in the lower left corner, for example: (1,1),(0,0).

box(point,point) Syntax

This is the syntax of the PostgreSQL box(point,point) function:

box(point1,point2) -> box



Required. A point. For example: point '(1,1)'.


Required. Another point. For example: point '(2,2)'.

Return value

The PostgreSQL box(point,point) function returns a rectangle represented by any two specified points.

box(point,point) Examples

The following statement shows how to use the PostgreSQL box(point,point) function to return a rectangle represented by any two specified points.

SELECT box(point '(1,1)', point '(2,2)');

You can also change to any other two points, such as:

SELECT box(point '(1,0)', point '(0,1)');

This function is equivalent to the box(point) function if the two points are the same, for example:

    box(point '(1,1)', point '(1,1)'),
    box(point '(1,1)');
     box     |     box
 (1,1),(1,1) | (1,1),(1,1)