PostgreSQL trim_scale() Function

The PostgreSQL trim_scale() function removes trailing zeroes from the fractional part of a given number and returns the result.

trim_scale() Syntax

This is the syntax of the PostgreSQL trim_scale() function:

trim_scale(numeric_value) -> numeric



Required. a number.

Return value

The PostgreSQL trim_scale(numeric_value) function returns the given number with the trailing zeroes removed.

The trim_scale() function will return NULL if the argument is NULL.

PostgreSQL will give an error if you supply a parameter that is not a numeric type.

trim_scale() Examples

Here are a few examples of the trim_scale() function:

    trim_scale(1.23000) AS "trim_scale(1.23000)",
    trim_scale(1.23) AS "trim_scale(1.23)",
    trim_scale(123) AS "trim_scale(123)";
 trim_scale(1.23000) | trim_scale(1.23) | trim_scale(123)
                1.23 |             1.23 |             123