This page lists operators and functions that do not belong to other categories.

  1. $binarySize

    $binarySize is a MongoDB aggregation operator that is used to get the number of bytes of binary data fields.
  2. $bsonSize

    The $bsonSize operator is used to compute the BSON size of a document, which returns the number of bytes in the BSON document.
  3. $literal

    $literal is an aggregation pipeline operator in MongoDB that can be used to return a literal value from a document.
  4. $mergeObjects

    $mergeObjects is an operator in MongoDB that merges multiple documents into one.
  5. $orderBy

    $orderBy is an aggregation operator in MongoDB, used to sort the query results.
  6. $sample

    $sample operator is an aggregation pipeline operator in MongoDB, which randomly selects a specified number of documents as output.
  7. $sampleRate

    The MongoDB $sampleRate operator is used to randomly sample documents from a collection and return a certain percentage of documents.
  8. Object.bsonSize()

    In MongoDB, Object.bsonSize() is a method used to calculate the size of BSON objects.